The Lids Have Been Blown lyrics - Zombie Prom

The Lids Have Been Blown lyrics

The Lids Have Been Blown

Miss strict:
(entering and angry)
All right!
That's it!
No more miss nice guy!
You, mr. Walking dead...
You're out!!

(charging in)
Not so fast, delilah!

Miss strict:
You're just in time, flagrante! I'm giving habeus corpus here his last rights!

The lid's been blown,
You're sunk in lava.
Wake up, baby,
Smell the java!
Jonny's on a roll.
Face it delilah,
You're losing control.

Miss strict:
You're a parasite, flagrante!

Did he lose his right to schooling,
When the boy got laid out cold?
Eddie and boys:
Should he be removed from campus
Or should he be re-enrolled?

Miss strict:
No comment!
No comment!

Eddie and kids:
What you say
Affects us dearly.
What's your answer?
Please speak clearly.
Tell us, where's your head?
Where do you stand on the rights of the dead?

Candy and jake:
Will you dash his high ambitions?
Coco and joey:
Throw his phd away?
Ginger and josh:
Would you close the door to jonny...
All kids:
Just because he's d.o.a.?

Come on, delilah, don't bait us.
Do zombies deserve a minority status?
The world awaits...!

Miss strict:
This prom is officially canceled...!

Eddie and kids:
(ganging up on her)
Now that the world's
In his corner,
Why do you still hate
Jonny warner?
Come on, won't you say?
Tell us, miss strict, why you feel this way?

Tell us why, miss strict!
Tell us why!
Tell us why, miss strict!
Tell us why!

(over the kids' singing)
Go on, delilah! Tell 'em!

Miss strict:
What?! What?! Tell them what?!

Expose', my love! Expose'!

Miss strict:
I don't know what you're talking about...!!

America wants the truth...!

Miss strict:
The truth!? You want the truth!? All right! Fine then.
If it's the truth you want, i'll tell you everything!

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