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There's More To Life lyrics

There's More To Life

Once upon a time
All I wanted was to shine
Brighter than the stars
Up in the sky
Not so long ago
1was putting on a show,
The only stars were me, myself, and I
But now I have
A different point of view
Td love to share
All that i have learned with you
The applause is wonderful, i know
But you can't take the audience,
Home with you after the show

Well, not all of them, anyway.

There's more to life
Than excessive success
Being hounded by press.
In a fancy new dress
When you appear.
At a film premiere
And do blow
It's healthier rolling in grass
Than rolling in dough
Stardom is but a fleeting reward
Today you're adored
Tomorrow ignored
But you can rely on the moon
And the moo of a cow
Milking its teat is much sweeter
Than milking a bow
To think all that mattered
Was being a star on the rise
When i opened my heart and my eyes
What a lovely surprise.
‘to realize I’m someone who cares
About saving the wombats and whales
And the kodiak bears

Tina, I have no idea what the hell you're talking about, but there is something missing in my life.

I know, mother.

Do you? Really?

Though you've lost your way
Please understand
You’re not alone, mother
Give me your hand.

(Ginger takes hold of Tina’s hand.)
I’m here

(Ginger holds both her hands.)

I've come home
Mother dear.
It's your chance to be
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