Teaching Third Grade lyrics - Ruthless!

Teaching Third Grade lyrics

Teaching Third Grade

Miss Thorn.
I must admit, in all my years as a professional
Actress, and I’ve worked on both coasts, I’ve never
Known anyone to want a part so desperately. It’s as if
Starring in the school show means too much to Tina.

Judy. That's what worries me.

Miss Thorn.
There's no need to worry
Unknit your brow
For though tines.
‘taking it hard right now
Experience tells me I’m happy to say
She'll get over her disappointment...
She'll learn starring in the school show, or on Broadway, isn’t the only game in town. Life is full of wonderful opportunities just as exciting and far more rewarding. Look at me...
Teaching third grade
Shaping the minds
Of a new generation
Relaxed, unafraid
Every day a delight...
With the right medication
Sure, ran to New York
Afire burning in my belly
Thad it all just like that
1gave"em my best
They weren't impressed
The only roles i got
Were onion rolls at the deli?
You've made it clear, lord
My place is here, lord
Teaching third grade

So you agree someone in show business should have something to fall back on?

Miss Thorn.
Oh, yes! Yes indeed!
Something to fall back on
Lesson number one.
That's how i became
Who’ve become,
At night 1 get cozy
Pour wine, light the tapers
Two bottles of merlot
I'm naked in bed grading papers
The pay check is steady
My summers are free.
Who needs the limelight
When you can be me?
Having fallen back on something
Sure, I’m safe and I’m secure
That's all i am! That's it!
There ain't nothing more,
Not only am i lonely
I desperately need to get laid
God it’s so goddamn tedious,
Teaching third grade!

Would you look at the time?

Miss Thorn.
Tm sick of sally, sick of dicky
Never quiet, always sticky

I wonder what's keeping them?

Miss Thorn.
Noses runny, noses bleedy
Little runts so bloody needy

Can i get you a drink? A Xanax, maybe?

Miss Thorn.
What, are you kidding?
I'd love one indeed!
But booze and narcotics
Are not what I need, i need...
Something to fall back on
From what I’ve fallen back on!

About Tina...?

Miss Thorn.
Mrs. Denmark...
No one looks forward to feeling upset
But sooner or later everyone gets wet
Today it's raining on Tina’s parade,
Life is a bitch...
And it starts in third grade!
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