A Penthouse Apartment lyrics - Ruthless!

A Penthouse Apartment lyrics

A Penthouse Apartment

That's penthouse apartment
A view of the park, oh
Life is a lark, oh
For ginger delmarc-o
She's rolling in dough, oh
Last week down in so-ho
She picked up a renoir
To go with her van gogh
Hey, look at me, oh
A kid from Tole-do!
Livin' the high life
I wish it were my life
Being persistent
I became her assistant.
I soak up her glamour
And sometimes I am her!
I put on her undies
Her perfume and jewels
Slip into her nighties
And slap on her mules
I guzzle her liquor
I eat all her food
I cuddle her tony
When I’m in the nude
I sprawl on her bed
I read all her mail.
I study her movements
Every detail
So edgy and wound-up
She's bound to collapse
I’ll be waiting’ in the wings
When ginger snaps!
I pick up her tissues
When she has the flu, choo!
When it's off to the beach
I brazilian her hoohoo
I cook and clean
I wash and sew
I walk the dog
And yeah, i know...
I’m a glorified maid
But I’m having the time of her life
And gettin’ paid

(Eve does faux straightening up, before losing it.)

I’want a penthouse apartment!
Like ginger delmarc-oh, yeah!

I’ll get it.
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