Talent lyrics - Ruthless!

Talent lyrics


Oh, any tyke can ride a bike
Any brat can swing a bat
Every mothers child plays with blocks
‘they run and skip and jump
And climb on rocks
That may be true for every dick and Jane
Ah, but some of us were born to entertain!

(to herself.) This time I’m doing it for you, baby!
(to Tina.) You can have it all
You've got talent
Life can be a ball
If you've got talent
When it’s obvious your child's not
An average ordinary tot
Shower her with love and validation
Judy, recognize her specialties
Her opportunity to seize.
The brass ring of success
Acclaim and adoration
(to Tina.) Come ‘ere. Do you like ice cream?

You bet i do!

It's all banana splits
When you've got talent
You don't have to show your tits
If you got talent!
You're no silly plastic ingénue,
In cheesy ads for cheap shampoo.
Darling, you're too good for television
Tm talking straight legit
I mean the Broadway stage,
The silver screen
But first we need your mother
To make the right decision...
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