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Ruthless! lyrics


Remember the night
Won my first tony
Thanked my producers
Sonoco and sonny
I thanked my director
My hairdresser, Paul
I thanked all the people,
Both little and small
And assure you
The tears that i dabbed
Were not for the backs
That i stabbed
Be ruthless
Take a gander at me... Ruthless
Unconditionally... Ruthless
That's the game you must play
To hit the heights

I guarantee ruthless
Puts you on the marquee...
They're notoriously ruthless

Sylvia & Ginger.
Those who have a career, Dearie

Being sweet and affectionate,
Only leads to rejection, it
Never wins you a tony award.

Lord you've helped me
Scratch my itch
To be famous and filthy rich

Well look at you
My little Broadway bitch!

I'm flying high and adored!

Tina, Sylvia & Ginger.
We.. Ruthless,

Granny, mommy and me... Ruthless

Tina, Sylvia & Ginger.
Take a tip from the three ruthless
Ladies singing this song
Can the compassion
The fashion is ruthless

Whether you're young

Or gray-haired and toothless

Tina, Sylvia & Ginger.
The key to success is...

(Lita, Miss Thorn, and Eve, wearing Ginger's stained cocktail dress, dance on.)

To be talented, yes!
Talent is swell,
But you gotta be fierce,
And ferocious as hell
Sharp as a tack,
Tough as a cop
Eager to claw your way
Straight to the top.
Ya can't stand the heat?
Get offa the bus!
You want to be famous?
Listen to us cause...
We... Ruthless
Look around and you'll see... Ruthless
Don’t you know that to be ruthless
In itself is an art?
So if you’re smart you'll
Can the compassion
The fashion is ruthless
Whether you're young
Or gray-haired and toothless:
The key to success is

A low-cut dress might impress
But to get the gig
You gotta have big

The key to success...
Ruthless neh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-ess!

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