I Want the Girl lyrics - Ruthless!

I Want the Girl lyrics

I Want the Girl

You say that i can have anything
?hat I want?

Ginger. Name it.

I want the girl.
You say you will pay any price?
May i be blunt?
I want the girl
Look around
Look what I’ve made here
I've done everything for you
Tm not cutting out
Till I’m paid, dear
So save your behaviour
It's much too abusive
Want the girl
And i want an exclusive,

I know this rotten business inside and ouwill not allow my child anywhere near it.

Afraid of the competition?

Goodbye, Sylvia. (Exits.)

She thinks that she can
Toss me aside
She's got her nerve
I’ll get the girl
So hopelessly wrapped up
In her life,

(Calls offstage:)

You don’t deserve
That precious girl!
True, her reviews may be glowing
The critics’ darling, they say
Well, darling your ego is showing
Today's hot tamale
Tomorrow grows colder
The future is here, dear.
Look over your shoulder
I'm gonna take her
And I’m gonna make her:
A bigger star
A brighter star than you!
Stand back!
She's hittin’ the heights:
That gorgeous face
Those golden curls
See a blazing theatre marquee
My name in lights...
I mean the girls
Ginger, a word of advice, dear
Don't lose your soul to success
Fame is a fool's paradise, dear
You are who you are
Although you win prizes
It wouldn't burn bridges
Life's full of surprises
Tina, I’ll be here
Tm waiting for you, dear
To finish what we
Started out to do
You wait and see
And all that i did
All that i do
Is for ginger and you
It isn't for me
Not for me
Not for me
For me!
For me!
Not for me!

(Ginger and Eve enter, clapping slowly.)
Are we done?
We are.
Do we want to freshen up?
We do.
There's a gas station on the corner.
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