Born to Entertain lyrics - Ruthless!

Born to Entertain lyrics

Born to Entertain

Some girls like to cook and sew
When i cook it's in a show
1 was born to entertain!

(to audience member.) How ya doin’? (cuts them off.)
It’s a rhetorical question!

Some girls prefer to help mom clean
I'd rather learn a dance routine
I was born to entertain!

(to audience member.) Where ya from? (motions for music to stop.) No, really, where ya from? (cuts them off) I’m kidding!

Instead of walkin’ i go flappin’
‘when i tap i make it happen
Mom says i got broadway on the brain
Don’t get too comfy in that seat
When i strut my stuff
You'll be on your feet
1 was born to sing and dance!

(performs a tap routine.)

Not every show-biz cinderella
Has got to come from pocatello
My star will rise like bubbles in champagne
By now you guessed my one ambition
Is not to be no mathematician
I was born to amuse
From the tip of my nose
‘to the tap of my shoes
Strike up the band
Hand me a hat and my cane,
The one i took from the blind lady!
I was born to entertain!
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