Entr'acte/Montage lyrics - Ruthless!

Entr'acte/Montage lyrics


Judy. (voice-over.) Dear Frederick. Our little girl has committed an unspeakable crime...so i turned her in. Perhaps it was a mistake allowing Sylvia to handle her defence.

(lights up on sywvia.)

Sylvia. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, my heart goes out to mike and Betty Lerman as they face the unimaginable grief of losing their only child. Still, they were spared the humiliation of being trapped in an audience, pretending to enjoy their untalented kid stumbling around the stage for two and a half hours. What happened to Louise Lerman was tragic indeed, but it was an accident that Tina Denmark is as innocent of causing as she was sensational as Pippi Longstocking!

(polite applause.)

Judge. (voice-over.) Tina Denmark, i hereby sentence you to serve eight years at the daisy clover school for psychopathic ingenues. (gavel bangs.) Break a leg.

Sylvia. (to audience.) Talent! Inherited and unstoppable, dragging generation after generation into the spotlight. Remember Judy Denmark? She was no match for the emerging ego-driven barracuda called Ginger Delmarco, and slowly she disappeared until sadly, Judy Denmark was no more.

Tony Presenter. (voice-over.) This year’s tony award for leading actress in a musical goes to Ginger Delmarco for pardon my wind!

(cheering and applause.)

Sylvia. A lot can happen in one year. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what you can learn from an entire second act! Meet Ginger Delmarco!
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