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Parents And Children lyrics

Parents And Children

You're not my only reason
To exist, dear
When i think of all the life
I might have missed, dear
Yes, I had a life
Before your birth, dear
You're not my only reason
To be living here on earth, dear
Being a mother
Is only a fraction
Even a mothers,
Entitled to action
Don't get me wrong, kid
I know the score
And I’ve done double-duty
Now i want more!
I fed you
I dressed you
You sneezed
And I god blessed you
Now I have a life,
Tm more than a mother!
More than a wife!

Iam your kid
And there's no going back. Mom
Tm here and now
I think I’ll go unpack, mom,
Whatever I am, mom
I owe it to you
So you can't disregard me
And discard me on cue
Who cares if you agree
You’re shit outta luck, mom
You're stuck, mom, with me

Let's be calm
Let's not shout
Let's try and figure out
What this is really all about.

Ginger & Tina.
Who'd have thought?
We'd come to this position?
Mother, daughter
Locked in competition

And all I want is...

All I’m saying...

Ginger & Tina.
All I hope for
All I’m praying.
Is for you to look at.

Ginger. Tina.
Me Look at...
Look at. Me
Me Look at...
Look at... Me
Me Look at.





Ginger & Tina.
Look at me!
Parents and children
So often like strangers
Compete for attention
Vie for respect
Parents and children
Acting like strangers
If you take a moment
To reflect, you'll see
Were no different
From any family

You're my mother

You're my daughter

Look at me!
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