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Window to Window (Reprise) lyrics

Window to Window (Reprise)

There you are again.
Passing by your window.
You look out and see me standing here.
And here we are again.
Slowly rising passion.
Will this be the night you beckon me to come to you?
Cause if you send for me I will touch you and caress you.
And if you send for me I will tell you all the things I dream.
I know everything with you feels so right.
And makes me love until the morning light.
I see the way you want me.
It's the way that I want you.
I want you. I want you. I want you.
Please won't you send for me?
We can start our lifetime of caring.
Come on send for me.
Take a risk. Be daring.
I know everything for us will turn out right.

Well then. Until tomorrow night.
Last Update: February, 10th 2016

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