Stripped lyrics - Naked. Boys Singing!

Stripped lyrics


The first thing they did was tear my shirt off.
He yanked my tie off. Undershirt too.
I said "Oh I see you want a good peek don't you"
You want alook at what you're getting.
Well you're not getting anything.
Not from me.
I saw it,so did he.
The next thing they did was cut my pants off.
With a razor, holding me down.
I said go right ahead. You just try to scare me.
Were you planning just to leave me all shivering and cold this way?
Fine. OK. You really want to see me stripped? Humiliated?
You really want to see me stripped? Why? Oh what is this?
Cause if you're gonna take me fine.
Just try and get me.
Why this drawn out script? Bit by bit?
What is this? Some kind of test of my character?
You want to dry up my courage. Or maybe taste my fear.
Don't come near.
You've taken my clothes, my car, my job my friends.
You've taken my home.
You really want to see me stripped? Don't you? Don't you?
You really want to see me stripped?
Look. I'll make you a bargain.
Here is my last shred of dignity. Take it and leave.
I'm stripped as I can be.
There's no more. No more.

Too much attached to me everywhere.
My insides pour out.
Even my heart beating on a string.
I am afraid.
And I thought we had a deal, he and I.
I thought I charmed him or I tricked him.
But the joke is on me.
Nothing special about me.
I'm just another victim.
Said to myself I'm gonna beat this.
I"ll stay focused. Try to stay strong.
And if I'm not afraid, he can never touch me.
What a fool I was. I was wrong.
OK I've had enough.
Take it.
Please don't strip me any more.

Then a man might come along.
He says here's something to help.
He releases me.
Here are your clothes.
You can go home.
And as I pull myself together,
It dawns on me then. I won didn't I?
I beat you didn't I?
I remember.
As I look him in the eye he says "We'll meet again."

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