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Members Only lyrics

Members Only

According to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language,
Penis is the male organ of copulation. andin mammals urinary excretion.
When one lists the male genitalia.
There's one book will never ever fail ya.
When fishin for a definition let us not forget.
The infamous Theasaurus by Roget.
According to the southern baptist sexual manual.
Penis is.......
In matters categorical or even metaphorical
We've only found an oracle or something sophomorical
So on the face and until now unexposed
We present the different genuses.
The long and short of what we call our penises.
Dick dick prick prick dick prick dick prick dick prick
dicka pricka dicka pricka dicka pricka schlong dong schlong dong
peter penis peter penis peter penis
Willie willie willie willie
Woodie woodie woodie woodie
(A bunch of over written words)
Does he wear it on the right? Is it tan or black or white?
Does he wear it on the left?
Big fat short thin?
Big or little?
Big fat short thin?
Is it pink or is it red or peach and black white
Pink or brown, left or right
Her's a dick and here's a pecker. Here it comes. A double decker.
What a wanker. What a wanker.
What a wanker. What a wanker.
Untouched untouched untouched untouched untouched untouched un..cut
Remember the member
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