Gratuitous Nudity lyrics - Naked. Boys Singing!

Gratuitous Nudity lyrics

Gratuitous Nudity

Tonight you"ll finally get what you paid for
Tonight you'll see what our bodies are made for
Tonight get ready for something risque'
Tonight we throw inhibition away
Why even bother to make a fuss (why make a fuss)
When it's obvious to us you're here to see gratuitous nudity.

Tonight we show no remorse or apology
Tonight we sing Billy Grammer doxology
Tonight it's no wonder that we're all the rage
Tonight we give new meaning to other stage
Pat Robertson should live in fear (just live in fear)
Stick it in your rear. We're here.

No crudity. Just gratuitous nudity.
My mother spent all of the money she earned
on tap shoes and tights and the lessons I learned.
If she saw me today well what would I say?
For my ten years of tap and six years of ballet.
Look I'm grateful for all my professional gains.

And now I can tell her "Hey look ma, no Hanes".
Tonight there's an atmosphere where it's alright to stare.
Tonight you won't wonder what's under our underwear.
You're straight or you're bi or transgendered or queer.
There's only one reason tonight that you're here.

So side by side and front to rear ( and front to rear)
We will shout out loud "We're proud"
No prudity. Oh yes no prudity.
Tonight you're gonna see
I stand before you naked. What's left of me to show?
The doors and blinds are shut now. I've nowhere else to go.

I've peeled off all the layers. And what have I discovered?
That being naked means much more than being just uncovered.
Today I want to learn all that nakedness (?could mean)
I mean I need to know that who I am isn't shameful or obscene.
For if what we think is true. And honesty our goal.
Then nakedness is just another window to the soul.

Tonight no drama tragic with a bleak end.
Tonight it's more like Palm Springs on a weekend.
Tonight good old Shakespeare's considered a bore.
Tonight something new and unique is in store.
We love to hear our audience roar. ( just hear them roar!!)
If you yell and scream for more you're sure to see.

Oh yes they're sure to see. Oh yes you're short to see.
Gratuitous, gratuitous, gratuitous, gratuitous nudity.
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