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Kris, Look What You've Missed lyrics

Kris, Look What You've Missed

I was naked. I was raw.
And oh so vulnerable.
I got angry I got lost.
I loved you so much.
Such talent, such humor.
So much to live for.
With passion. With fever.
You were my life.
You're the one who left.
But there's nothing left of me.
Chris look what you've missed.

I have more friends dead than I do here.
So many. So wasteful.
I try to forget.
I'm busy. I'm active. I have to survive.
I am empty. It's lonely. But I am alive.
I'm the one who's left.
And I want it to be we.
Chris look what you've missed.
I miss you. I wonder how much you have changed.
Life goes on. I'm dating. I have a great job.
I love you. I laugh now. Remembering things.
You're with me. Part of me. We're growing up.
We are still as one.
Oh but I'm becoming me.
Chris, look what you'vew missed.
Richard got fat. Then got bald. Then got thin.
And Michael is famous and Sam hasn't changed.
Young Neptune he's married and Rover's on Mars.
There's hope now. we're living. I feel OK.
I am standing strong now.
Here with my memories.

I met a man and he loves me so very much.
He's nothing like you andI love him too.
We're happy. We're one now.
We have a good life.
I'm me now. I'm whole now. I'm a grown man.

Chris, look what you missed.
So Chris, oh Chris oh Chris look at what you missed.
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