Window to the Soul lyrics - Naked. Boys Singing!

Window to the Soul lyrics

Window to the Soul

I stand before you naked. (I stand before you naked)
Whats left of me to show. (what's left of me to show)
The doors and blinds are shut now. ( The doors and blinds are shut now)
There's nowhere else to go. (There's nowhere else to go)

Today I want to learn.
And today I want to love.
Today we fit inside each other.
And we're holding one another like a hand inside a glove.
And today I start to know.
What two lovers really mean.
And now I know that who I am isn't shameful or obscene.
But if what we think is two. For if what we seek is two.
Then one is the other. One is the other.
Oh their nakedness. (Their nakedness)
Their nakedness is just another window to the soul.
And if you send for me
I will feel and kiss and hold you.
And if you send for me
I will share my beating heart.
Knowing everything for us will turn out right.
Tonight you'll finally get what you paid for.
I'm a perky little porn star from Skokie Illinois.
I really sort of love my job. I'm a naked maid.
Tonight you will see what our bodies are made for.
Nothing but the radio on.
Tonight get ready for something risque'.
I beat my meat. I beat my meat. I beat my meat. I beat my meat.
Tonight we throw inhibition away.
Give me Robert Mitchum.
Ah the bliss of a brist.
Tonight Will Shakespeare's considered a bore.
Tonight something new and unique is in store.
We love to hear our audience roar. (just hear them roar)
If you yell and scream for more you're sure to see.
Oh yes there's sure to be.
Oh yes you're sure to see.
Gratuitous, gratuitous, gratuitous, gratuitous nudity.
Tonight. Last Update: June, 19th 2013

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