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Fight the Urge lyrics

Fight the Urge

Don't. Please don't. Don't do it.
Think of really ugly girls and the smell of body odor and your parents having sex.
Don't. I'm embarrassed and I'm shy and it's happening by reflex.
Wait. Please wait. Wait a minute.
Wait until I'm in my locker and they've given me my towel and I've put on my jeans.
Shit. Wait. It's an evolution oversight that dicks have no brains.
Breathe. Just breathe. Breathe deeply.
Pretend your in a forest surrounded by tranquility and no one else is here.
Right. Breathe. Nothing like hard evidence to prove that I'm a queer.
Screwing up in gym class or the baseball field.
The basketball court. The wrestling match.
I hate this Nazi torture as it stands.
Then like World War II we're forced to wait for the shower.
And I don't have the power to control my fucking glands.
Thank God for my hands.
My feet hurt.
Don't. Wait. Breathe.
My feet hurt.
Really ugly girl. In my Hanes. No one's here.
Let my mind and body converge.
Yes it's for thrills to see Bobby Baker nude but you don't understand that pointing is rude.
Fight the urge.

Stop. Oh stop. Stop thinking.
The more you focus on it the more the blood is flowing.
The more you feel the rush. Help. Stop.
It makes the lead go to my pencil and my whole body flush.
Letting nature happen here could ruin my life.
And get me punched in the nose.
Called a big fag.
I wonder if this fight will take it's toll.
So while I'll never be normal and I won't have a wife.
I can still have a life if I can get myself under control.
That's the goal.
Don't think of a pole.
Or a hole.
Breathe breathe breathe. Tranquility.Tranquility
No. No. No. Fight the urge.
Don't wait breathe stop don't wait breathe stop.
Fight the urge.
Bloody nose. You're a faggot. Ruin my life.
All these thoughts I'm desperate to purge.
No one's noticed yet. If they did I'd have died.
I can't let anyone know what's happening inside.
I am all alone. I am all alone. I am all alone.
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