Naked. Boys Singing! review

Naked. Boys Singing! Review - Broadway musical

The musical has no plot and this is a revue. Musical numbers performed by men who are completely naked for almost the entire production. Actors perform on stage under their real names. Initially, the project was a radical gay show, which tried to draw attention to the problems of sexual minorities. Broadway’s play lost the most tragic song about the early death of a homosexual partner. This revue has faded due to this and was offered to visit not only by gay men, but also women. Organizers assured that this is an excellent choice for a bachelorette party. In addition to the nude male bodies, visitors guaranteed the sea of merriment. Tickets in Kirk Theatre cost almost $ 70. Promotions coupons existed, which allowed to reduce this amount by 40%. In the room was forbidden to take photos or videos. Violators were expelled from the premises by guards.

Viewers’ opinions, who saw the revue, were different. One people really enjoyed the show. Other visitors were disappointed by the fact that the actual duration of the performance was a third less than the claimed one in advertising. The show lasted not more than an hour instead of the promised 90 minutes. Stage design of the musical was minimal. Several compositions used a fog machine for special effects. It was noted that the only dressed person on the stage was pianist who accompanied the actors involved in the revue. In 2007, after this theatrical, a film of the same name was made. Directors of the motion picture were creators of the musical R. Schrock & T. Christian. In the film took part the actor fro in the original production – V. Zamora. It also included: J. Souza, K. A. Stea, P. Truong, J. Keane, J. Currie, A. Manough, J. Hodges, A. B. Ames, S. Vassallo.
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