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Perky Little Porn Star lyrics

Perky Little Porn Star

I'm a perky little porn star from Skokie, Illinois.
My mother doesn't like my job at all.
If I have to go to work,
Sexuality's a perk.
But she says it's just as far as I could fall.
Me I'm a Jewish boy inside but the nice part went and died
on the first day that I showed up on the set.
I could hear the rabbi screaming cause i did what i was dreaming
since the day I saw Tab Hunter soaking wet.
When your background is suburban and wholesome and Deanna Durbin
and the subject of your penis is taboo.
It really is a thrill though to monkey with your dildo
and let the world watch you while you screw.
I'm a perky little porn star from Skokie Illinois.
I can't believe it's happening to me.
The guys are jealous of the sex
With Ryan Jeff and Rex.
I get to live a game as fantasy.
But try to tell an old curmudgeon that you like to push the fudge in
with two guys or three or four.
he will call you heretic sinner abberant. Your sick.
Blow the chauffuer, not a boy on Yom Kippur.
If I shoot a film on (?) it's both in my mouth and tucas
A sudden gush of family shame attached.
I continue giving head and pretend that mom is dead
and my conscience and my sphincter can relax.
I'm a perky little porn star from Skokie Illinois.
I don't quite make a killing spilling seed.
But the money's pretty good and as long as I get wood
I can have the little comfort that I need. See?
Depending on the ratio of schtupping to fellatio
And what I'll do and what he'll do to me.
I know I've really got 'em if I say I'll top or bottom.
Profit comes from versatility.
There's a part of me that's guilty but if my costar is built he makes me whimper (?)
or scream and sound and beg.
Thrilled the film is getting made, I'm getting paid and getting laid.
and his family jewels are larger than my leg. Wheee..
I'm a perky little porn star from Skokie Illinois.
I've got some awsome films for you to rent.
That may be my legacy. No big acting life for me.
And I guess this means I can't be president.
Sp my prospects may seem bleak. You may see me as a freak.
But I did it and I'll face the consequence.
I guess I needed to rebel cause my life at home was hell.
But I love it and I made it.
Pretty soon I'll get a cut when they start to sell the nifty rubber version of my butt.
And when my posterior goes down for posterity.
They can't say he's inferior because he chose to bare it.
He's a perky little porn star from Skokie, from Skokie Illinois.
I'm a perky little porn star from Skokie Illinois.
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