Naked. Boys Singing! synopsis

Naked. Boys Singing! Synopsis - Broadway musical

The company of fully naked men singing a song about nudity, and that if you take off all the shells, you can find your true self inside. They urge the public to explore their bodies and to realize that their appearance is only the window to the soul. Men want to get the answer to the question what is nudity. Brian sings a song about the nude cleaner, who sees as his body influences the apartment owner. Tod performed musical composition about circumcision and the admiration of the male reproductive organs. Vincent sang the song about a lonely homosexual who sees the same man every night in the opposite window. Gay would be happy to respond to a passionate call and come to him, but a neighbor this evening also have not decided to call a stranger. Although his looks in the window said that he has long been indifferent to this man.

Tod, Christopher, Brian & company singing about a young schoolboy, who fears that his classmates would discover his excited state, when they are all together in the locker room and wait for their turn in the shower. He tries to hide it from others using the lockers’ door. Steve together with Tony, Brian and Trance sing a song about the old days when the perfect men existed. The personification of those days for them becomes their associate Robert. Another three men with partners sing about beating of own meat – this may help them to rejuvenate, as they think. The company is discussing the outward appearance of male genitals. Tony performs the song about a young porn actor who tries to forget while working about his Jewish mother.

Trance sings a song about the strange and frightening relationship existing between the two men. Steve remembers her lover, who died early. Mike with the company performs song about a gay, who regularly visits gym, although his body protests against this. Brian sings a song of neighbor, who every night looks in the window of a homosexual, and waiting also for a sign to join the man. Christopher with Tod and Tony singing about what pushes different people to pose nude for magazines. Four of them perform a composition about nudity and all the songs sounded in this spectacular. In the final part of the musical act all participants.
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