The Song Of Hope (Duet) lyrics - Lord of the Rings

The Song Of Hope (Duet) lyrics

The Song Of Hope (Duet)

At the edge of darkness
Hope is whispering still
Tender, honoring, gently stirring
Memories unfurling in the mind

Warm winds from a far forgotten country
Long left behind
Distant and divided
Worlds and miles apart
Dreams of days together
Broken in my heart

Lives we saw before us fade away
Sweet words we will never whisper
Words we long to say

Soft now my love
and rest your hand in mine
Feel my love
Always My love
Forever by your side
Love immortal, love undying

Wandering the empty world
In twilight silver shade
Following the hidden paths
Slow and unafraid

Arwen and Aragorn:
let the sunlight free the heart
Forever bound to roam

And let the waking morning
find the weary traveler
returning home

At last returning home

I am yours
let your heart trust in mine
Feel my love I am here

Evermore will our lives be entwined
So take my hand and live or die

Soft now my love
And fold your heart in mine
Feel my love I am here
Always my love our lives will be entwined
So my love I am here

Arwen and Aragorn:
Let fate eternal lead us home
Love undying

Awaking dawn will find
and at last find us home return

Lead us home

Arwen and Aragorn:

My love!

Arwen and Aragorn:
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