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Gollum/Sme'agol lyrics



-Take it!

Smeagol promised to help Master.
Sit by the firelight's glow
Tell us an old tale we know...

-Take the Precious!

Not going to listen, no.
Master's my friend.
Master is nice
Master is kind.
Now and for always.

-But he is a Baggins.
A Baggins stole it from us.
We hate Bagginses!

No! Not this one.

-Yes, all Bagginses.
Must have Precious.
We deserves it.
Take it back - yes, that's the way.
See, we takes it, then we's Master.
Precious, home with us to stay.

But the Dark One - he'll see.

-Won't let him see.
We hides it.

Hides it!

-We'll be Master, be on top.
All that nasty pain will stop.
Not for Him, for you and me.
We'll escape Him, we'll be free.

Free... Free...

-So get it!

... Free!

-Get it now! Get it now!

What if they wake?
They'll hurt us.
There's two of them.

-Don't have to wake.
Won't let them wake.
Be Lord Smeagol, be the best.

He speaks nice to me,
No-one else does.

-Take the Precious.
Pass the test!

We'll change.
Stay with the Hobbits.

-Kill them - it's the only way.

Don't need the Precious, leave it behind.

-Kill them!

Not going to.

-Take it!

Not hurting them.

-Do it! No more delay!
Cutting, slicing, ripping Hobbitses' innards out!

No! I don't want to.

-Needs it, wants it, gets it, takes it, hurts it, kills it!

No, we promised!
Not us!


Not coward. Not coward!
We change. We change!

-If coward won't help us, She might.
Yes. Take them to her.

No, no! Not that way!

-Yes, that way.
Sit by the firelight's glow
Tell us an old tale we know,
Tell of adventures strange and rare.
Never to change
Never to share
Precious and me, alone we'll be
Now and for always.
Come. Come!
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