Lord of the Rings review

Lord of the Rings Review - Broadway musical

If there is something totally fascinating and extraordinarily captivating, that it is this spectacular. In general, with such a crazy amount of money that the creators have spent on the histrionics, they could relax and sit back in their seats, not inventing anything supernatural. Looking ahead, we note that in fact, it was obvious that in the show was invested 25 million pounds. On the way to the Theatre Royal, beholders might have been visited by thoughts, would they endure enough to see the end of the musical? 3 and a half hours, you know, not so easy to sit still. Guests were treated with wine in the lobby. Performance seemed to be composed of pile of Hobbits scurrying around. And more obscure was the dance on stage. Some may not like it, as it wasn’t that fun. Fortunately, the main part of musical began on time. Very long evening promised to be fine.

Lots of impressions must be placed on the poster for luring musical-lovers. The performance was delightful. More extraordinary spectacle is simply impossible to find. Lighting, decorations, effects – all was thoroughly developed to the smallest detail. The feeling was that a beholder not in a theater, but is a part of the magic world of hobbits and faithful servant of Fellowship of the Ring.

As for the other parts… Tolkien's plot was fairly shortened. Students prepare for the exams in such way: they find in the Internet a summary of the work, hastily read it and go to the exam. For some, such a reduction is an insult (How can you cut SUCH a product?). But for the majority of the audience, it was quite normal – no one would sit in the hall for 20 hours. So the musical contained main events, only briefly outlining the plot. At some point, it was said that Gandalf was going to meet with some Tom Bombadil. Could anyone remember this character of the universe of Tolkien? Google must come to the rescue: Tom Bombadil was the only secret character, which almost was not disclosed in the creation. It seemed illogical to mention in musical this character. If the creators were going to reflect the most important events only, why this point was included? Although, maybe it was a subtle joke? Total misunderstanding.

Referring to the story, the program has helped, but with regard to the songs, they weren’t listed all. It was not always clear what the song is about and why it was inserted in this part of the musical. In general, the music is excellent, but the texts… something was sung in language of Midlands – a small amount of spectators only could understand that, only ardent fans. A scene, in which the huge spider creeps up from behind Frodo, was ruthlessly spoiled when from the mouth of a monster ridiculous and implausible sound fired, just like a Christmas cracker. In general, viewers would never regret that they saw this show, as they’ll remember incredible talents of the actors, beautiful music and magical Fantasy – universe of Tolkien.
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