Prologue ('Lasto I Lamath') lyrics - Lord of the Rings

Prologue ('Lasto I Lamath') lyrics

Prologue ('Lasto I Lamath')

i-ngwaew asia wintar
ar i ardh iaur ├║ dara.
erui men ├║vill
gomen amdiram
orthored i wath.

lasto i lamath
erin gwaew
i lamath lin edair
avo osto!
aphada ven thanc
ar u dhir tira,
last' inn tegitha


The winds of change blow
and the old world will not remain.
Separate we are vulnerable,
together we may hope to conquer the shadow.

Listen to the voices
on the wind,
the voices of your forefathers.
Do not be afraid!
There is a choice to make
and none can help you.
Listen, your instinct will lead you.
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