Lord of the Rings synopsis

Lord of the Rings Synopsis - Broadway musical

The half-elf sings a song, urging trust their instincts all to whom it may concern. In the Midlands, where little but brave people live, rich hobbit solemnizes his 111th day of birth. The same day later, he disappears from the celebration, giving away the marvelous treasure – the magical ring – to his youthful cousin. The item is subject to the request of the powerful wizard, wanting to use it to rule over the whole world. Thus, thim magical thing must be sunken in the fire of Mountain in the country of Orcs. Hobbit & his fellows hit the way, destined to fulfill their mission. While this is happening, another corrupt wizard wants to get this rare item too.

In road-by tavern, our little fellow & his collaborates fest themselves with guests. Received the support of one strong companion of their helpers, little guys managed to avoid prosecution by the henchmen of wizard. They safely get to the 1st stop place. Hobbits see half-elf – beloved of their helper, a prince. One powerful local king convenes the Council of all the creatures living in their world, on which a decision is adopted that hobbits shall carry magical item for destruction, to lose the terrible gift.

Travelers hold the path: loyal hobbit friends, dwarf, representatives from people, elf & gray wizard. The elves & their people pray to the way star so it defense strangers. Soon the group confronts the evil demon. In the fight with the enemy, Gandalf falls down into the abyss. In the next land, travelers found a haven for a while. Queen of the land is strong & wise. As the journey continues, one of warriors tries to steal the Item they carry for the destruction, from hobbit. He, together with one friend, escapes from the travelers. 1 warrior is killed in the next fight. The gray magician goes back exactly when it is necessary to protect the City. His forces precipitated by despicable Orcs. Hobbits encounter on their way on a skinny monster, which owned the annulus many years & wants to return it. The evil side of his personality decides to betray them.

If king of elves can win over the forces of sinister powers & return the reign of people, he for sure marry the half-elf Arwen. He longs for that. In a meanwhile, little obscene monster leads 2 friends into the lair of the spiders to kill the travelers to pick up the coveted annulet. They manage to survive & reach Mount. Galadriel calls with spells to forces of good so they became the protection in the final battle.

Finally, our friends reach the vents of Cracks of Doom, to destroy the annulet once & for all. But the power of the ring captivates one of them & he says that the ring should be only his. Suddenly, little monster appears & takes the ring from the hobbit but loses his balance & falls into the fire together with the relic. One great worrier becomes king & takes as a wife daughter of king. Elves and other creatures have to leave the Midlands & sail back home. Saying goodbye to friends, they resumed their lives in their country.
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