Star Of Ea'rendil lyrics - Lord of the Rings

Star Of Ea'rendil lyrics

Star Of Ea'rendil

Star of E'rendil,look
Down, hear our cry.
Ever shining perfect light, emblazon the sky.
Heed us as to thee we sing,
Enlighten us in the hope you bring.
Guide our way and aid us from on high.

A ned l' rasc-dae, i
maeglin gorn lin t'l. i
ecthel h'n lin s'la
orthor i v'r.
Hammo men mi lin caun,
a caro estel v'n thand.
A tiro men, o lin cair an n?r
Lacho ammen, lacho calad
E'rendil-naur, ir men
beri-al ned l?' beleg baur!

O E'rendil
Guide us on our way
Keep our hearts true
O E'rendil
Heed us as we call to you.
O E'rendil
O E'rendil
Heed us as we call to you.
O E'rendil.
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