Wouldn’t You Like lyrics - Epic: The Musical

Wouldn’t You Like lyrics

Wouldn’t You Like

I must say what a brilliant speech you gave

Who goes there?

Just a friend who could help you save your men
A foe like Circe is not to be messed with
You wanna beat her?
You'll need the blessing of a certain god
Divine intervention
Someone who's not afraid to send a message

She can turn you into an animal that'll end up on her plate
She can all but make you fall in love like you're on your hundredth date
She can conjure up a monster that'll grind you to the bon?s
She has all the ways to haunt ya when you tak? her on alone

Wouldn't you like a taste of the power?
Wouldn't you like to use more than words?
Deep in the night the fight lasts for hours
You can be hurt or you can beat her
Wouldn't you like to have some of the magic?
Wouldn't you like your outcome preferred?
Deep in the night the fight can be tragic
I'll help you conquer her
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