Epic: The Musical cast

Epic: The Musical Cast - Broadway musical

Music and Lyrics by Jorge Rivera-Herrans

Jorge Rivera Herrans as Odysseus, Polyphemus, Winions
Luke Holt as Zeus, Elpenor
Armando Julian as Eurylochus
Steven Dookie as Polites
Teagan Earley as Athena
Kira Beth Stone as Aeolus
Steven Rodriguez as Poseidon
Talya Sindel as Circe
Troy Doherty as Hermes
Eleni Constantinides as Scylla
Miguel Veloso as Telemachus
Barbara Wangui as Calypso
Ayron Alexander as Antinous, Perimedes
Janani Krishnan-Jha (J. Maya) as Aphrodite
Earl Gresham Jr. as Ares
Anna Casey as Penelope
Last Update:February, 08th 2024

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