Epic: The Musical synopsis

Epic: The Musical Synopsis - Broadway musical

"EPIC" reimagines the tale of "The Odyssey," chronicling the adventures of Odysseus as he makes his way back to Ithaca from Troy. His path is obstructed by mythical creatures, deities, and other legendary beings, keeping him from reuniting with his wife, Penelope, and their son, Telemachus. Although the story itself isn't novel—children worldwide have likely encountered (or at least claimed to have read) "The Odyssey" in their academic pursuits—the manner of its retelling is contemporary, breathing new life into a narrative not widely known in detail. Opting to convey Odysseus's saga through a verbal channel, "EPIC" intriguingly harks back to the ancient practice of oral storytelling that characterized the original rendition of "The Odyssey." This conceptual album aims to encapsulate the entirety of the saga across 40 tracks, which are being unveiled in distinct "sagas." The initial installment—The Troy Saga—was launched to remarkable acclaim on Christmas in 2022.
Last Update:February, 08th 2024

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