You Want to Be My Friend? lyrics - Closer Than Ever

You Want to Be My Friend? lyrics

You Want to Be My Friend?

Man 2
You're so good
You're too good for me you are
You're the best damn person
I have known by far
If i could,
You know i'd never throw this curve
You're a goddess
And i'm not what you deserve
What i am saying is
Our thing must end
But though it must
I want to be your friend

Woman 2
Friend? Friend?
You wanna be my friend?
You wanna be my friend?
Oh, that's nice
You wanna be my friend

I have friends i know from college
High school pals that i still see
I have sisters in soror'ties
'Cross the country fond of me
Two chums that date from grade school
One whole fam'ly in st. Paul
There are kids i know from summer camp who still give me a call
I have friends from when i lived in paris
And my singles cruise
I have five old boyfriends who still call me up to schmooze
I have buddies from the lab in boston
Colleagues from the zoo
I've got an aunt in cleveland
That i always can turn to

I got enough friends!!!

Man 2
(perhaps i should be going)

You stay right there.

You wanna be my friend
You wanna be my friend
Well i'm touched
You wanna be my friend

I want a lover and a husband
And a partner and a spouse
I want someone to split expenses with me
On a summer house

I want a father for my unborn children
Someone who's in tune
And since i'll be thirty-nine next month
I want him rather soon
I want someone to buy rugs and lamps with
Someone who'll co-sign
I want a small joint bank account
In his name and in mine

I need someone i can fight with
Learn to cook with
Love to feed
Come to think of it
There's only one thing that i do not need

I don't need another friend!!!

Man 2
(i really think i...)

You stay right there!
(you're right, i deserve this you're such
A wonderful person and i'm such a...)

I don't need to hear from you i'm perfect
Then end up all wet
I am tired of being the greatest girl
A man has ever met
(but i don't want to make a commitment to you)
Ha! Can't you see?
You don't want to tell the truth, oh no
You just want out from me
Yes, i know inside you're fragile
Yes, you're mother was a mess
If that's why you can't receive a woman's love
I could care less.
I don't need to know it's your fault
Have some balls
It doesn't fit
You're not sick, deprived, misunderstood or weak
You're just a shit!
And you wanna be my friend
Who'd want you as a friend?

Is my name on this lease?
Is my name on this lease?

Then get out of my apartment!!

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