Fathers of Fathers lyrics - Closer Than Ever

Fathers of Fathers lyrics

Fathers of Fathers

Man 1
Hey billy, my baby
Hey kid, look at me
It's clear you've got your mother's eyes
But who do they see?
The nurse just called me father
Well hell, i guess that's what i am
But what makes her thing i'm a family man

Those fathers of fathers, fathers of mothers
How can you know what it's worth.
For all my aspiration
Are you to be the indication
That i walked the face of this earth

Man 3
My children, i miss you
How much you can't know
I laughed with you, i cried with you
Helped each of you grow
I kissed you ev'ry bedtime
Your laughter woke me every dawn
Then one day i woke and you'd grown and gone

Man 1 & 3
And fathers of fathers, fathers of mothers
Strange how kids measure your worth
There here and then they scatter
And in some way they make it matter
That i walked the face of this earth

Man 2
Hey fathers, i love you
I pray you'll pull through
You cared for me, it's my turn now
To take care of you
I've tried to show my children
The kid of strength you showed to me
I feel such a longing to be a son
Instead now i'm one of those

Fathers of fathers, fathers of mothers
What man can say what it's worth
This commonest of pleasures
Why should it be a thing that measures
That i walked the face of the earth

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