March of Time lyrics - Closer Than Ever

March of Time lyrics

March of Time

Over educated
Under stimulated
Over optimistic
Under prepared
Over complicating


And the days are numbered now

They tumble by with mounting speed
And my life's encumbered now
With things to pay for, fix, and feed

And in my ear i hear a sound like distant drumming

At first i think it's something in the plumbing...

But, no, it's something i can't stop from coming...
The march of time!

I wasn't ready for the burnouts
I wasn't ready for the jokes
I wasn't set for seeing cellulite
Or being parent to my folks

I never thought i'd go to parties
And order perrier with lime
I wasn't ready, nearly read
For the march of time

Man 1
Over-motivated, tightly calibrated
Major workaholic, son of a bitch
Tiger with the ladies
Born for a mercedes
And thanks to the eighties

The march of time!
I wasn't ready to have inlaws
I wasn't set for things to pall
Or sex that's once a week
I'd kill for once a week
Or sex that isn't safe at all
I didn't know i had a prostrate
I didn't know i'd have a prime
I wasn't set to love the quickstep of
The march of, march of, march of, march of,

I wasn't ready for tuitions
Or finding boyfriends for my mom
Or friends who flip their lids
Or adolescent kids who've never heard of vietnam

I didn't know that having promise
Would get you ten cents for a dime
I wasn't taught to face the onslaught of
The march of, march of, march of
March of time!

Woman 2
Teenage visionary, set itinerary
Got it all like clockwork, september bride
Future moving toward me
Husband who adored me
Then one awful night he...died.

And the days seem endless now
I feel my purpose all but gone
Though i'm hardly friendless now
Each night i think i can't go on
But in the corner of my i hear this pounding
(gotta move, gotta move along)
It's almost like i'm someone that's its hounding
(gotta move, move along, gotta move along)
No matter what i do it keeps resounding


I wasn't ready to keep moving
I wasn't ready for the dawn
Or learning pain can fade
Recoveries get made
No matter what, your life goes on

I didn't know that when you stumble
You get another chance to climb

I wasn't set for lives i'd never planned
With both feet firmly set on sand
The grand relentless drum beat and
The march of time!

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