Another Wedding Song lyrics - Closer Than Ever

Another Wedding Song lyrics

Another Wedding Song

Man 1
The future's here
The past is dead
I won't dissect or weight it
But something small's
Been left unsaid
And now's the time to say it

You're not my first
As well you know
Once before i leapt when marriage beckoned
But you're so much more than merely first
You are the first to be second

Woman 2
I screwed up too
I made a vow
That lasted forty years less that i reckoned
How lucky for you for starting now
You can be first to be second

Man 1
So what if we had bubbles that go burst

Woman 2

All of those mistakes are in the past

I don't care if you are not my first

Man 1
As long as you're the first to be my last

Woman 2
I'd better be

Here's to our first, we learned a lot
Our future will be gloriously fecund

Woman 2
Of first we've had the same amount

Man 1
Now we'll make each second count

From now on my first to be second comes first
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