There's Nothing Like It lyrics - Closer Than Ever

There's Nothing Like It lyrics

There's Nothing Like It

Man 2
There's nothing like it
There's nothing like it in the world
This lovely feeling of well-being
What you're seeing
Is a man who's incredibly fit!
Would you believe it?
That once i weighed two hundred fifty
I was a pudgy as a pig
Not just big
I was fat
I was gross
But now i'm trim and nifty
God reached his hand down and granted me a gifty: health!

Woman 1 man 2
I feel so healthy there's nothing like it in the world
And you can bet the moment
I zip up my sweater
I feel better

Man2, woman 1
It's so great to feel fit this is it

Man 1
Would you believe it there's nothing like it
Two years ago i felt a chest pain
There's nothing like it
I heard my doctor mention stroke
I bought the gym shorts
And i broke
I bought the sweat-suit
Bought some weights
I bought the snorkel
Gave up coke
I bought the wetsuit
Joined a gym
That's when our psyches
Bought a bike
Began to feed us
Learned to swim
We bought the nikes
Learned to hike
And the adidas

Woman 2
Bought a scale
Which showed i had to take control below
And so i bought myself jane fonda

Man 2, woman 1, man 1
Have you noticed one two one two one two one two
That in the fonda family jane is thin one two and young too
And peter's thin one two and young two
And hank was thin
Wonder if i'm getting younger?
They're just thin
Yes i'm feeling younger
And they're always been
One and two and getting younger
The fonda's younger, younger,
Are thin people younger, younger...

There's nothing like it
There's nothing like it in the world
It must be wonderful to witness
All this fitness
How we wish we were you watching us!

Men women
Would you believe it?
Would you believe this turn of fate?
Once i was not considered sexy
That once i could not get a date
Now i'm considered quite the stud
As i perspire
Full of bean
My future's brighter
Hotter blood
My breasts are higher
Tighter jeans
My buns are tighter

Now life is fun and free of all those tensions
'Til i run into the thing nobody mentions:
Pain! Ugh! Pain! Ugh!

Man 1
Pain, i feel pain
In my calves, in my thighs others
Pain, pain....
In my heart, in the blood
Pounding deep in my eyes

Man 1, woman 2
Well, it's good when you hurt
Yes, it's good when you strive
When you hurt you're awake
When you ache you're alive

Man 1, woman 1, woman 2
I read in a book that the pain that you feel
Is the right sort of pain
It's the proof that you're real

I've read all the books and i live them all day
And i heard what they wrote
And all i can say is:

Hush now
What's this rush now
After torturing my bo
Can it be there's a god after all?
I think i'm breaking through the wall
And all at once i'm standing tall
I can feel my backbone lengthen
Shoulders straighten
Heartbeat strengthen
Look there,
The home stretch
I'm filled with grace from facing the odds
The thrill of the chase
As i race with the gods
Is like nothing in the world

And i am never growing old
And i am going for the gold
And my life story will be sold
'Cause i'm like nothing in the world!

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