There lyrics - Closer Than Ever

There lyrics


Woman 2
He was never there
Every time we talked
I'd look in his eyes
And his mind was...where?

I don't mean to say
Life was gloom and doom
Things were always pleasant
If i needed help
He was in the room
He just wasn't present

He just wasn't there
Never really there
I felt so unhinged
I went out and binged
Had that dumb affair

Still the fault's not mine
Quoting gertrude stein
There was just no there there
There there

Don't know why i care
'Cept that i am here
'Cause he wasn't

Man 3 (woman 2)
There (there)
I was never...(there)
She was always (there)
Saying george be (there)
And my mind said...where?

Did i have a choice?
Love is worth a fight
Not a thing you squander (yoo hoo george?)
Then i'd hear her voice (george?)
Urgent and uptight (hello?)
And my mind would wander (come in george)

So i wasn't there (couldn't he be there?)
Never really there (once an evening there)
And i felt maligned
That my vagrant mind
Meant i didn't care (it was clear that he didn't care)

Then to make things smooth
She would try to soothe
Sticking in her "there, there" there (there there)

Got out of her hair
'Cause she made it clear
That i wasn't there

Woman 2 (man 3)
I'm not a jerk
Thought it's the way i seem (wanted to be there)
He had his work
I gave him time to dream (knew i should be there)
Lost my desire
Waiting till he awoke (worked at being there)
Longing for fire
Living with smoke
Isn't a joke

Man 3 (woman 2)
I tried to go her way
Wanting things improved
Tired of being not there
(is it so hard a task?)

Think of my dismay
Finding she had moved
By the time i got there
(too much to ask?)

She was over there
(i was here, i was always here)
Where the hell was there?
(there was here
Could it be more clear?)

Groping like the blind
How we hoped to find
One place we could share

Faults we tried to hide
Living side by side
Funny, when they're there, they're there

Woman 2
There, there
And it isn't fair

Man 3
No, it really isn't fair

Woman 2
That we wind up here

Man 3
That we wind up here

When we once were
Do do do do do do do do do do do...

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