Back on Base lyrics - Closer Than Ever

Back on Base lyrics

Back on Base

My scattered life had no foundation
Couldn't seem to find my space
Then all at once came inspiration
Now i'm back on base.

My baby plays a line that subtle
Yet it makes the strongest case
An argument with no rebuttal
Got me back on base.

When his fingers touch my strings
I tingle to my teeth
I seem to sing the wildest things
When he is underneath.

The only worm that's in this eden
The only snag in all this lace
Is where i stand ain't easy reading
When he's back on base.


At times he seems a bit elusive
Way off in his private place
I guess he can't be mine exclusive
When he's back on base.

He's got eyes for something tall
So maybe i should go
Then once more my defences fall
When he gets down below oh oh oh oh oh oh

So what if he don't feel like talkin'
I'll just let him play his ace
And let his fingers do the walkin'
'Til i'm back on...

Always back on...

So happy back on base.


We make sweet music when we're both back on base

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