Sound of Muzak lyrics - Closer Than Ever

Sound of Muzak lyrics

Sound of Muzak

music, music
i hear music ah, ah, ah, ah

Man 2
once upon a time this was drab world all
(drab world, drab world, drab world)
ev'rything on earth was dull and bare
(dull and bare, and dull and bare, and)
then one day a wise man had a thought
what we need is music

man 1
so someone went out and invented the phonograph.

Maybe you recall how every evening
everybody gathered round the chair
every now and then you'd stop to think
how nice
to have music, everywhere.

Woman 2
then, to make things even nicer, someone invented the radio.

Woman 1
wasn't it a wonder when it happened
every little room now had it's share

woman 2
every little care had q-x-r

but this was not music, music everywhere.

Man 2
so, someone invented musak.
Softly, gently, never going overboard others
ooh ooh ooh ooh...
Every moment now was subtly underscored
ahh ahh ahh ahh...

how could there be sadness...

Man 1
in a world where the grocery store next door has music

woman 1
the little french restaurant with all the atmosphere has music

man 2
the gentleman's restroom
and the ladies room has music

man 1
the delicatessen has music

woman 2
and your office and you elevator and your incinerator has music!

Man 1, man 2, woman 2 woman 1
glory it was lovely la la la...
'Til a genius
visiting the country for some air everywhere
cocked his little head and halted dead.

he did not hear music, music, everywhere.

Man 2
the man was stunned. So he went home and invented the portable cassette player.

yes, oh yes. Ah, yes oh yes, ah, yes oh yes, ah yes!
Now from every mountain to the prairies
to the ocean white with sand
everyone on earth is feeling grand
because there is music, music, everywhere
everywhere, everywhere, everywhere.

Woman 2
did you think that science would be satisfied? Others
(oh no oh no oh no oh no)
woman 1
is your urge for music fully gratified?
(oh no oh no oh no oh no)
now they've got a gadget you can
plug inside your brain and shoot the music
straight into your system
get the music pumping right into your blood stream
make your lymph glands shoot into the marrow of your very bones!

Everywhere you go now
you've got music
from your tippy toes up to your hair
anyone who sees that glassy stare
knows you have got music
music, music, happy music, happy, happy
music, music, music, music, music, mu-

man 2
woman 1
isn't it wonderful
man 1
i can think again
woman 2
Man 2
yeah, think...

still you have to admit, it's nice with music everywhere,
music, music, music, music

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