Patterns lyrics - Closer Than Ever

Patterns lyrics


Woman 1
Patterns in my life that i trace ev'ry day
Patterns as i say the things i always say
Patterns in the ceiling as i lie awake
Why are patterns haunting ev'ry move i make?

Just look, here i am on cue, again
Upset, feeling torn in two, again
Afraid, saying i'm okay
Making little jokes
Till i run away, again

And yet today i am not the same
I feel my life slipping from its frame
Strange feelings rise, feelings with no name
And i can't face them
So i shake them hard
Fold them up
And tuck them safely away

Patterns that begin as i walk through a door
Patterns in the curtains and the kitchen floor
Patterns in the day's routines i must arrange
Patterns in the ways i try...but never change

Just look, as i'm thrown a curve again
I leap, then i lose my nerve again
In tears, running home i go
Secretly relieved
Safe with what i know, again

And yet i know i am not the same
Inside my heart is something i can't tame
I feel my mind bursting into flame
And i must change
Or else i'll break apart
Or break away
And end up having to start

Patterns through the day
I seem to use to give my life a shape
Patterns through the house
That give me comfort
When i need escape
Patterns that lead me nowhere
At all.

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