Sarah lyrics - Civil War, The

Sarah lyrics


Corporal William McEwen
Oh, Sarah, my Sarah
I fear I must go
And leave you to move on alone
A hard wind is risin' and fixin' to blow
And scatter the days we have known
But come what may I'll always be with you
Watching from above
Oh Sarah, my Sarah, my love

I see you, my Sarah, when I close my eyes
It's summer and we're at the fair
Your laughter so haunting, so full of surprise
Drifts back like some ghost through the air
So when you feel a cool breeze passing by
Know that I am there
As real as the words of my prayer

If fate is kind I'll soon be by your side
But always know you can find me deep inside
Oh, Sarah, my Sarah, I'll whisper your name
My thoughts all will run home to you
My heart is the candle and your heart the flame
That burns with a fire so true
And know that we will surely meet again
Until then I swear
I love you, my Sarah
Forever and always
And always my heart will be there

Corporal William McEwen and Sarah McEwan
I love you, my Sarah
Forever and always
Sarah McEwen
And always my heart will be there
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