Civil War, The review

Civil War, The Review - Broadway musical

2 Tonies nominations, 4 Drama Desk nominations in 1999 – here is the list of achievements of this musical, which it has as the most outstanding ones. Because it is unlikely to be repaid in the box office through its unbearable small quantity of shows – they were up to 100 on Broadway, considering both regular and preliminary. Its pre-Broadway history of "running" was also rather short and showed a sluggish willingness of the public to adopt it, rather than as a resounding success. This musical is probably playing on the patriotic feelings of the population more than is the actual musical, which can captivate the viewer. 65 regular shows clearly demonstrate this. Most of all, we believe that its creators went bankrupt in the costumes that were, though not lush, in a minimalist style, but they still had to be provided for as many as 28 people.

Musical yielded a lot of criticism because of lack of storyline, as well as the lack of emphasis on any particular character. Events in it were presented in the form of individual stories of people who were related only because were captivated by the Civil War, which broke out the USA. Undoubtedly, a very dramatic event in the history of the canvas, but this background has tremendously huge number of books, stories, short stories, novels, movies, cartoons etc. created – and their vast majority has a story. After all, this, whatever you say, is still the main component of the good narration. Without it, no matter how difficult or interesting story was, as the narration is a story about a series of events, any creation would be unsuccessful; a story mist have the beginning (a tie), development and culmination. On the other hand, many of the works were screened using the story very frivolously, treating it as something superfluous, to please the whim of the director or other creators. And because of that, included in the list of losers, like this musical. Being far at the bottom of the list of the most long-going, it seemed to visualize a vivid symbol of the postulate that the plot is 80% of the success. A strong plot is 99%, becoming a classic through the years. For example, the story of Noah and his Ark became a classic, thanks to strong story, albeit with some discrepancies and matters, but has long been on the pages of the Bible & then stepped into the life, and is now shot in many quite good cartoons and movies, collecting millions of money.

This musical, however, aside from the lack of such an important thing as a story, allows opening the best voices of its solo performers. For example, in the song Sarah & Honor Of Your Name, we hear two great, strong voices, of which a female is distinguished by soft tones, in contrast to the flashy but the annoying male sound.
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