Civil War, The synopsis

Civil War, The synopsis

Civil War, The Synopsis - Broadway musical

The musical tells the various individual stories of people that revolve around a common rod – Civil War, which was very bright and dramatic event in the history of the United States. The musical is constructed in such a way so to allow strong actors to fulfill their personal voice parties, while it also had many collective scenes.

There is no any kind of plot; there are just thoughts and events that are displayed by the heroes in their songs, which tell of the personal, family or general dramas of each participant. Soldiers and generals who are fighting for their families. Or black people who are afraid that this war may leave them with nothing, if they wouldn’t win it. It is a struggle for rights, for existence, for voices in this life.

The plot is based on the number of letters, words and speeches of Abraham Lincoln and his contemporaries who shared his point of view – F. Douglass & W. Whitman. This musical has numerous nominations for the most high-profile award, Tony, suggesting a bright drama and very precise hitting the target. Especially through the prism of music, including Rock, Folk, R'n'B, Gospel & Country.

Through dialogues and songs, fates of lives of ordinary people, captured by the war, forced to fight for their home, land, life and beliefs, were opened to spectators. We see even how some love stories unfold before us. For example, from Sarah & Honor Of Your Name viewer learns about the motives of one of the soldiers who went to war – from a letter he wrote to his beloved staying at home.

Production, which not only displays pure drama, but tells of other senses, teaches and gives hope.
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