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A House Divided lyrics

A House Divided

Captain Emmett Lochran:
Brother, my brother
One blue and one gray
Will meet upon a quiet field
The morn of Judgment Day
Brother, my brother
God has heard your battle call
Now He'll watch His precious children
Learn how to stand, learn how to fall
And His eyes will look away
For His heart will so be torn
As his fields of gold turn scarlet
From the rage of battle born
And the silence of the night
Will be broken with the cry
Of the ones who've been forgotten
On a quiet field where honour lies

Voice of Abraham Lincoln:
A house divided against itself cannot stand
Our fathers, when they formed this constitution understood this.
The right to secede from the Union cannot exist.
The Union is everything.
If its destruction by one or more states is lawfully possible
Then the Constitution has failed.
A storm is coming, and the Union will defend itself.

Private Sam Taylor:
Listen brother, there's a storm blowing in
And there won't be mercy for the next of kin
There ain't nothing you can say or can do
That will make me over, so I think like you
So bang the drum, and ring the bell
If war must come, see you in hell

Private Nathaniel Taylor:
You go your way brother, I'll travel mine
But it breaks my heart to see you cross the line
There ain't nothing you can say or do
That will make me over so I think like you
Take one last look

Private Sam Taylor:
And fare-thee-well

Private Nathaniel Taylor:
Then close the book

See you in Hell

Captain Emmett Lochran:
And the ordinary days
Of a husband and his wife
Will be lost and gone forever
From their ordinary life

Corporal William McEwan:
Today I heard some mighty things
And the words rose up like a thousand wings
Saying we must stand together
If this country is to survive
'Cause we owe a debt to the men
Who made this land forever free
So you work until the debt is paid
'Least it seems that way to me
So I must go
I must go

Sarah McEwan:
But the roof needs fixin',
And the house needs paint
And the plantin's done
But the harvest ain't
And I'm worried 'bout the crops
And scared to death of losing you

Corporal William McEwan:
Oh Sarah, I'll be home soon
And I only pray
That our son will grow
And will know someday
That his father kept his promise
For the honour of our name
So I must go
I must go

Captain Emmett Lochran:
Home is the constant
Home is the land
Home is the only thing
A man can understand
To force his angry hand

Captain Billy Pierce:
Mr. Lincoln says we don't have a choice
And I keep my counsel and I hold my voice
But there are some things that I won't abide
Like the streets of Richmond gettin' occupied
So if its war, that Lincoln sends
Then at my door, all patience ends

I must raise my sword for Virginia
Right or wrong, I will fight for this land
I will raise my sword for Virginia
This is my country
These are my people
Here is the line in the sand

Give me now a splendid sun
With all his light full clear
Give me now a gentle autumn
Before the dying of the year
Give me a field of unbloodied grass
Before the bugle call
All God's precious children
Learn how to stand, learn how to fall
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