If Prayin' Were Horses (reprise) lyrics - Civil War, The

If Prayin' Were Horses (reprise) lyrics

If Prayin' Were Horses (reprise)

Clayton Toler
I don't want that kind of help, from them that can't see
They can't stop tomorrow with their fury
I've already paid in full, for what they call free
The scars on my back can be my jury

We'll build us a new world, one that can be free
A place where they'll just let us be
If prayin' were horses, all of us would ride
Oh, Bessie, please find me some how

Bessie Toler
I'll find you, or else I'll die. I'll find you I swear
I won't spend another day without you
Tonight there's a moonlit sky, so just say a prayer
And wait for my lovin' arms about you
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