The Hospital lyrics - Civil War, The

The Hospital lyrics

The Hospital

Hurry sister, I need help over here
And there ain't no time to shed an angry tear

Mrs. Bixby
I don't think there's anymore I can bear

But the boys keep piling up everywhere
So take a stand and pick a side
Lend a hand or step aside

Sister, sister, make the pain go away
Give me something stronger than the prayers you pray
There ain't no one gonna take my leg
Give me something stronger, do I have to beg?
I need a nurse, I need a nurse
I need a nurse, I need a

Clayton Toler
Pardon me, I've lost my way
I'm lookin for the river and I need some help
I've lost my way

You've lost your way, well mister that's too bad
I've just lost my brother, he was all I had
You picked the wrong day mister, the wrong day for sure
It's because of you, we're in this god damn war
Just move along, be on your way
Just move along, hear what I say

Clayton Toler
I don't want no trouble with no one
I'm just tryin' to find my way to meet my woman down by the river
I've been lost since the break of day

I don't want to know your story
Get out of here
Do you hear me talkin'?
Are my words not clear?

Clayton Toler
I don't want no trouble

That's what you'll get

Clayton Toler
I don't want no...

Tell me why you ain't left yet
You are are the reason, you are the reason
You are the reason
You god damn people
Move along, just move along, now move along

Mrs. Bixby
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