Northbound Train lyrics - Civil War, The

Northbound Train lyrics

Northbound Train

Captain Emmett Lochran
When all is said and done, I guess we're all the same
The words we speak, our hopes, and the God we claim
It's you and me, just a different name
Saw two men, one gray, and the other blue
Talkin' cross the picket lines the whole night through
Just swappin' lies, like two farm boys will do

They talked all night about the simple things
Like women, crops and the weather
The home-sick song that the south wind sings
And the whistle calls of the northbound train

Confederate Soldier
Yank! Hey Yank! You been shot?

Union Soldier
Nope. You?

Confederate Soldier

Union Soldier
You got any holes in you?

Confederate Soldier
None 'cept those God made me with.

Used to be good apples in this country. You son-of-bitches ate 'em all.

Union Soldier
You hungry? I got some hard cracker if you want it.

Confederate Soldier
Throw it over.

Captain Emmett Lochran
They traded tales of the battles fought
Of how they felt and what they thought
Until they found they stood on common ground
But then the here and now came rushing back somehow
Reminding them of the deadly row
Like an angry blade that cuts against the grain

Mornin' broke and the spell was gone
But they were older and wiser
They said goodbye and they both moved on
Like the whistle call of a northbound train
Hear the whistle call of a northbound train

Confederate Soldier
You know somethin' Yank

Union Soldier
What's that?

Confederate Soldier
We could solve this war in 30 minutes if they left it to us.

Union Soldier
When you goin' home?

Confederate Soldier
I am home.

Captain Billy Pierce
Get up boy, we're movin' out

Confederate Soldier
Where we headin' Captain?

Captain Billy Pierce
We're goin' up against them. We're headin' North.
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