All Shook Up synopsis

All Shook Up synopsis

All Shook Up Synopsis - Broadway musical

The action globally takes place approximately in 50-s. Roustabout Chad has just been let go from the jail.
In the nearby town, girl Natalie works as a car mechanic. Dennis, who is appeared to be her best friend, likes her a lot (secretly). Natalie dreams of pure love.
Chad comes in search of the mechanic for his motorcycle. Natalie helps him to fix the bike.
Natalie wants to impress Chad. Chad feels love for Sandra. His friend Jim is mad about Sylvia.
Dean likes Lorraine. Dean’s mother Matilda wants to send him away for studying. In order not to be separate, Dean and Lorraine decided to flee.
Natalie decides to dress as a guy to become friends with Chad. Ed (Natalie in menswear) and Chad become friends.
Jim complains Chad about unrequited love. Chad gives Jim advice on how to behave.
Sandra falls in love with Ed.
Mayor sees Dean and Lorraine when they are kissing. Matilda wants to put Chad in prison for incitement. Chad and Ed flee for cover.
Jim behaves as Chad. After the kiss with Sylvia, she falls in love with Jim.

Act two

Dennis is unhappy. He shares feelings with Ed about jealousy to Natalie. Ed says that there is only one man for Natalie – Chad.
Ed kisses Chad when Chad Ed teaches him the art of seducing women. Chad does not understand what is happening. Sandra wants to talk to Ed about his feelings. Ed breaks up with her. Chad wants to fight with him, but realizes that he is not able to hit Ed.
Sylvia talks about her love with Jim, but Jim leaves her alone.
Matilda and Earl are looking for Chad and Dean. Dean, Lorraine and Chad come voluntarily.
Earl asks Matilda to marry him. Matilda allows Dean to be with Lorraine. Ed admits that he is Natalie. Natalie tells about her feelings to Chad. Chad denies it and leaves the town.
During the celebration of weddings (three simultaneously) Chad comes back and makes a proposal to Natalie. Natalie refuses. They remain friends. The triumph of love is being celebrated at the end.
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