All Shook Up review

All Shook Up review

All Shook Up Review - Broadway musical

Another Broadway thing straight from the conveyor belt. No need to be a fan to watch this performance. It is easy and aggressive-in-a-positive-way sound of songs inspired by work of the great Elvis. The most deserving and recognizable hits in amount of about 40 pieces sounds almost endlessly. Compared with "Good Vibrations", it looks more alive. Unite style pleases. Characters can be called as personalities.

On the other hand, the brightness is what makes the musical completely empty. Loud and energetic songs sound like the basis for a simple scenario. Perhaps, at those times, the play could be made more modest and decent, but now an abundance of bright decorations looks silly.

All that has been done for the sake of the people. Based on the plot of the story by Joe DiPietro, this is what meets the trend of the national taste.

It is obvious that the idea of the musical is similar to the idea of "Mamma Mia" with the songs of ABBA. Style is different, but that does not change direction.

Songs have lost their individuality. All of them sound like one. In addition, it is a challenge that once made Elvis so dangerous in the eyes of the parents of teenagers that had been removed completely.
If some fans expect a bright parody on Elvis, let's face it – you won’t see an effective parody. This is the story of a smooth lad bad guy in a leather jacket with a guitar that looks more like a film for family viewing.

The essence of the story is that the young rebel Chad comes to town, where everyone is afraid of strict law. Thanks to Chad, the entire city begins to swirl around the forbidden fruit of love without borders.
The musical uses the old technique. The most familiar songs are repeated. Similarly, as in "Good Vibrations" and "Mamma Mia". It is so old that no longer touches.

The rich decorations are noteworthy. Especially the "Jailhouse Rock", where the scene is very detailed.
The whole picture looks like a tribute to Elvis and his style. In another case, there is always Las Vegas, which is also full of copies of Elvis.

Like everything that is going on in this genre, everything is repeating. Yes, it is expensive, high-qualified, but – repetition. However, it cannot leave your heartstrings intact at all.
Last Update:April, 06th 2016

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