Lounging at the Waldorf lyrics - Ain't Misbehavin'

Lounging at the Waldorf lyrics

Lounging at the Waldorf

Oh Good Morning Mrs Hemingway, how are you today? Alright? Hahahaha.
Oh very very good and yourself, oh you do?
Oh Mrs Throckmore Mercy Mercy me! hahaha. Do you like my girls? I lvoe them all.

We're so proud, here we are at the Waldorf (delicious delicious)
Where folks sit around all day (caviar? certainly certainly)
Join the crowd who relax at the Waldorf
To drown all their cares away (Anchovies? i never heard of such a thing)

Don't rock they like jazz but in small doses
No shock Bop! and you could cause thrombosis
Don't sing loud when you sing at the Waldorf
Or find somewhere else to play

Uptown jazz ain't stiff with propriety
Downtown goes that whiff of society
Tells us when we're rift to required at the Waldorf
Uptown we get bums and we scuffle em
Downtown we got drums but we muffle em
Nobody who comes would be ruffled at the Waldorf

Well ain't it swell doing swell with the swells in the swellest hotel of them all (the Waldorf)
Uptown it's a blast that we're giving you
Downtown that's the last with we'd ever do
We're not loud and brash we're just lounging at the Waldorf
Now give em all that Waldorf Cake right now!

[The two above verses are sang again but now in harmony]

Or find somewhere else to play
(Lounging at the Waldorf Lounging at the Waldorf)
Or find somewhere else to play
(Lounging at the Waldorf Lounging at the Waldorf)

Oh looks like everybody's lounging at the Waldorf yes yes yes!

[Thanks to Beckie for lyrics]
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