Ain't Misbehavin' review

Ain't Misbehavin' Review - Broadway musical

At first, when you come to this musical, it seems that it should be pretty boring, irksome and generally evening should become excessively languid. Because it is not a classical musical, in which there is talk liner to the songs, plot development, and other typical things for Broadway works. Such as well-designed characters, original filing, lack of attacks on human weaknesses, focus on the tolerant presentation of the material. But this is only from beginning, because then starts the development of a great show, which indicates that it is not necessary to have any of the above-mentioned details, so you can just enjoy the evening. Yes, it is not a musical, but simply a get-together of variety of songs that are quite expressively served from the stage. Let it be just a lot of different people singing a lot of different songs that were written by Fats Waller and processed by Luther Henderson.
Presentation that unfolding on a stage, plunges us into the atmosphere of 1920 – 1940's, filled with jazz, soaked with beauty and style, cultural development of the Renaissance in all that relates to labor and the hard life of migrant workers in the United States. “Ain’t Misbehavin’” – the so-called composition, which opens this play and gave its name to all event, consisting of 5 actors who sing alternately, giving the playful energy in the room with their bodies, facial expressions and movements, from which every viewer laughs now and then and feels inflamed with the play for more and more.

All play, as we have already mentioned, does not contain a storyline, nor any single character. But everything is based on how every person live during his or her stage time, what is doing on the stage, how (s)he dances and how submits own energy into the room, and what little gags (s)he released during singing.

If you like classic shows with the exact story formed, which revolves around the colorful characters and great costumes, and which elaborate light and exquisite depth and even more so, is a thriller or detective, which you can find in modern productions coming on Broadway right now, so you should miss the sight of this musical. It will entertain only with facial expressions, movements, laughter of actors and how they rave around the singing on stage. Do not expect that you will be enchanted so mush to sit on the edge of the chair, waiting for some intense interchanges. Think of this play as if the musicians on stage, that sing in the bar where you come in the evening to eat a pizza and drink a glass of chilly drink. Those will be delighted who love enough flat plays. Can we assume that this musical has added much to human development? Certainly not. Will fans of Phats Waller be pleased? Of course, absolutely.
Last Update:April, 06th 2016

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