Black And Blue lyrics - Ain't Misbehavin'

Black And Blue lyrics

Black And Blue

Cold, empty bed,
Springs hard as lead,
Pains in my head,
Feel like old Ned.
What did I do
To be so black and blue?

No joys for me,
No company,
Even the mouse
Ran from my house,
All my life through
I've been so
Black and blue.

I'm so forlorn,
Life's just a thorn,
My heart is torn,
Why was I born?
What did I do to be so
Black and blue?

I'm white inside,
But that don't help my case.
'Cause I can't hide
What is on my face,

[Alternative lyrics
for the last verse]
I'm sad inside,
But it don't help my case
'Cause I can't hide
All the sorrow
That's on my face.
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